Gullivan, White Horse, or Tiger keys for sharking?

Hey gang,

Just want to get your opinion on a few questions. I've gotten some great intel on this forum for a couple of past shark fishing camping trips to Tiger key, worked out great. I want to head down for one more overnighter, some time in mid-April. 

1 - I've done Tiger key twice and loved it, can I expect the same type of fishing at Gullivan and White Horse?

2 - Mosquitos and no-see-ums in mid-April, how bad?

3 - Any chances of fluking into a tarpon or goliath this time of year with cut bait kayaked off the beach?

4 - Paddling to Tiger from EC is long but pretty nice. Safe and calm waters. I'd probably paddle out front from Goodland to get to White Horse or Gullivan. Does it get real choppy out there?

5 - I'd appreciate any general tips you might have on White Horse and/or Gullivan.




  • 10kman10kman Posts: 370 Deckhand
    1.Similar waters although WH has deeper channel.
    2.Mosquitoes not a big problem yet.
    3.Both tarpon an Goliaths are here.
    4.Yes,it will but route thru B/C out of wind+good fishing on the way.
    5.Bring lots of fresh shrimp& jigs.
  • nobleonenobleone Posts: 54 Greenhorn
    I agree with 10k on #4, only thing is you may never get to WH there are so many places to catch fish on the way.  It's a pretty straight shot east once you hook around Tripod Key.  I wouldn't bother with going outside. If you're yakking, try to stay out of the channels, there is plenty of water for you everywhere else.  :)

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  • Golfn1Golfn1 Posts: 23 Greenhorn
    I'm going to be there 16th to the 28th if you want a your energy for all the monster sharks you catch !
  • Master of BaitMaster of Bait Posts: 46 Greenhorn
    Hey thanks fellas! Appreciate that.

    Ill be sure to try to stay clear of boaters, I know you all need to navigate depth changes, etc. That back country route from Goodland to Whitehorse key doesn’t really seem straightforward though. Do you wrap in behind tripod key or just head out front and stay near shore?

     Golfn, I’m not sure about the date yet but I’ll shoot you a message if I’m there when you are. 

    One more thing, can I launch and park overnight in Goodland? 
  • nobleonenobleone Posts: 54 Greenhorn
    I've run that back route so many times I don't even think about it any more. Just hook around Tripod until you get into more "open" water, then head east through Shell Key Bay, around behind Turtle Key and you're practically there. This should help.

    I have put in at Goodland very early in the morning a found cars that look like they have been there overnight...
    Have fun!

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  • BobberBobber Posts: 880 Officer
    Having dead baited both West Pass (between Tiger and Lulu) and Dismal Key Pass (between White Horse and Gullivan) many times at this time of year id pick West Pass every time for consistent action off the beach. If you do want to try White horse/Gullivan just for something different, launch out of POI,much shorter and calmer than from Goodland. Skeeters at dusk/dawn aren't too bad right now and won't be til the rains come but the sand gnats will be God awful after this warm up. Don't forget a can of camp fogger in your tent to kill the bastids that will get in after you zip up.

  • MegalopsAtlanticusMegalopsAtlanticus Port of the Islands, FLPosts: 91 Greenhorn
    Why not launch at Port of the Islands and ride the falling tide right out to Panther/Whitehorse/Gullivan?

    If you prefer to camp in the park, the sand spit on the north end of Picnic is a great night time shark spot, too...

    (There will be sharks on every single outside point...  But Indian Key's point holds the most...)

    Bugs can be hit or miss.  They haven't been out in force at all much lately, but we started getting pretty tore-up last night at sunset on Fakahatchee Island.  It was the first time we've dealt with them in months, to be honest.
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  • Master of BaitMaster of Bait Posts: 46 Greenhorn
    Ah, bobber! You had me at dead bait. Yeah I was thinking to try something different, but maybe you’re right. There’s this old adage about not fixing things when they aren’t broken, or something like that... I’m sold on tiger key once again. Will do one overnight, possibly next Sunday to Monday. If anyone cruises by and sees a camper covered in fish guts and blood, come on by to say hello! Also, I don’t plan to bring ice, so a cold beer would not be turned down, under any circumstances :)
  • Master of BaitMaster of Bait Posts: 46 Greenhorn
    Just noticed a couple of your other comments, thanks fellas. I’m going to do tiger key but I’ve always wanted to fish Indian key at night as well. Looks like a deep channel leading in from the gulf on the south side. Must be loaded with sharks. I can’t camp there though, can I?
  • Master of BaitMaster of Bait Posts: 46 Greenhorn
    Looks like I won’t make it
    out this weekend :( hopefully soon in the next couple of weeks.
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