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Homestead bottom

Came back home to homestead from West Palm to fish with dad. Friday we hit the reef and bounced around a few spots (65-80ft). Got a few 20-25” mutton’s early and a few yellowtail. Few smaller but legal black grouper that went back into the water till next month. Hit another go to drop in the same depth range and got a few more good mutton’s to 8lbs and finally got the yellowtail balled up. Ended up with 7 mutton’s and 15 yellowtail to 21” by lunch. Things got slow but we added a couple small Mack’s to the box. Then, of course, we got the grouper of a lifetime. All 3 live ballyhoo on the bottom got whacked within 10 seconds of each other. I broke off, and my dad and uncle fought their fish to the surface. Their fish was one in the same. Put the big black grouper in the net for a couple pictures and weight. 42lbs on the nose. She had all 3 hooks in her mouth. Tried to release her and she was tired and bloated. Vented her and ended up spending 2 hours trying to revive her. Long story longer we said one last prayer and let her go. Slowly but surly she kicked and swam back to the bottom to fight another day. 

  Ran 16 miles off Saturday looking for some early dolphin. No luck. Small little slicks and weed lines out in 4 and 800ft. No luck, birds, or floaters. Back to the barn early for some early Easter dinner. 


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