ONIX10CI SI COMBO - not reading depth

Djrsurf7Djrsurf7 Posts: 58 Greenhorn

I have the humminbird Onix 10CI SI unit and I am having a lot of problems with it. The Depth is not reading or even marking for that matter. Side imaging is not picking up either.  It just is a white screen with numbers 1-10 on the side. The touchscreen also went out. I thought it was just a setting but I have been through everything and it seems to be set right (unless I am missing something).  It does show 175-225 Khz on the display too. I checked the connections and they look fine. Has anyone had this issue? Any suggestions? The unit is only a few years old




  • JordanbassJordanbass SeatlePosts: 5 Greenhorn
    Have you tried contacting Tech Support of Humminbird?
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