Florida's new gun law already working



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    now in Leon County:

    A judge granted a Tallahassee Police Department request to confiscate the guns of a man with a history of mental illness and making threats to hurt others.

    The TPD filing Friday morning is the first in Leon County under a new law enacted following the Valentine’s Day massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School intended to give law enforcement more power to take firearms from people with mental health issues.

    TPD’s attorney Teresa Flury filed the petition against 21-year-old Christopher Mark Newhouse Jr. Leon County Circuit Judge J. Lee Marsh granted the petition Friday afternoon saying Newhouse "poses a significant danger of causing personal injury to himself or others in the near future." 

    The order granting the petition was sent to the Wakulla County Sheriff's Office, Florida Department of Agriculture and Flury. Newhouse will appear in court Wednesday, April 11 where he will have to show cause that he has surrendered his weapons and ammunition.

    Newhouse, as documented in the filing, has made threats to kill police officers, himself and others as far back as April 2017. Newhouse owns an AR-15, and two other semi-automatic rifles, according to the petition.


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      Sounds like the guy could be a problem, but...
    I thought there were no lists of gun ownership? Have we not heard that multiple times?
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    Of course there are records.

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