local candidates in nov?

any of them talking about our lagoon?   to this moment ive only heard the same ole same ole.   any of them mention what are we going to due because of the higher waters next decade?   


  • FyrestormFyrestorm Posts: 33 Greenhorn
    As far as Brevard commissioners we need to stay away from Trudie Infantini.  She already spent 8 years in the commission and ignored the lagoon.  She'll continue to do the same.  The man she's challenging, Curt Smith has been leading the charge on this issue. 
  • CountryBumpkinCountryBumpkin Fla. Piney WoodsPosts: 1,319 Officer
    One thing is for sure........keep voting the same ole names in and you will keep getting the same ole results.

    At this point I'm ready to try the names Iv'e never even heard of that make a ballot........they couldn't do much worse.

    I say......I say son.......new & improved my tail feathers.

  • andrewthe1andrewthe1 Posts: 608 Officer
    I was in cocoa beach(my old stomping grounds from 1995-2007....It was so %&$^ng gross I didnt want to even try to fish(catch and release guy).........the water in my parents canal was the dirties I have ever seen and I have been up in the dirty duval(jacksonville) for 10 years.......at least our water up here is muddy dirty, not doodoo dirty.

    I am not sure what can be done, maybe grow oysters and grass and plant it like sod?
    we need more internet money
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