Vero to Grand Harbor

28 Mar 2018...Vero to Grand Harbor...Checking some areas out prior to May tournament.  Slow run North through Rag Bagger Row.  Fished a cut that has never produced.  One Cocktail Blue, 3 short Trout and short Snapper galore, still not what I would consider productive.  Next stop the Estuary South, short Trout and Ladyfish.  Johns Island was a waste today, nothing.  Grand Harbor, tide dropped enough to clear the bridge.  Tarpon crashing bait, by the time I could get back she had ducked back through the culvert.  Only other thing playing, Jacks.  Decided to check out a few spots for the May tournament.  Docks in the Cache Cay area have always produced Snook, one of the docks was always good for 10 to 15 Snook, and  a slot could be found.  3 first place Snook were caught under it, none mine.  The top docks were decimated by the storms. A lot of the docks have not been rebuilt/repaired.   Couple of short Snook and a 3 # Sheepshead.  Sheepshead was special, had an audience.  Lady wanted to see it, foreign, so probably vacationer.  Whole family came out to see it and were amazed when I released it.  Moved to the South of the Barber St Bridge.  Snook hole, counted 5 Sharks.  The Carp are still there.  Maybe this year I will catch one.   Most of the fish today were caught on the Matrix Shad, Magneto and the Baby Vudu Shrimp.  All players released.


  • SeaSpySeaSpy Posts: 382 Deckhand
    That’s a lot of fishing

    whats the water look like down there?

    thanks for keeping this forum informative. 

    Happy Easter!!!
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  • duckmanJRduckmanJR Posts: 18,800 AG
    Water varies day to day day you have fairly clean water in a spot...the very next morning it is trashed.
    The past week I have noticed a lot of suspended algae / grass ( the red cabbage stuff ) making keeping a lure clean difficult....but move a half mile and it isn't there. 
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