Stand-up Paddle Board in Ten Thousand Islands?

I would like to sup paddle boarding on the ten thousand islands. Should I get into solid or inflatable stand-up paddle board? Advice is welcome!!!!? Thanks!


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    I made a mount that fits on my boat to hold mine. On the neagative tides I'll boat into to back bays then anchor and go in from there. If your planning on fishing I would recommend a hard board. when your fshing you tend to try and get into tight spots and cuts between oyster beds (not to mention when you get your lure gets stuck in the mangroves or oysters your tempted to go get it). If your just out to paddle then you should be good with the inflatable if you can avoid rubbing bottom or mangroves. Inflatables are pretty durable, but so are mangroves and shells. 
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    Just don't paddle down the middle of the Channel . You have a shallow draft stay out of the only channel I've got. I'm tired of coming off plane in 2 ft' of water because of Kayaks that float in 6 inches have to block the only deep channels.
    Stand up would be lot's of fun on oyster bars if you fish. bring a patching kit and pump or Life vest...
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    Pluses and minuses to this.  Obviously a inflatable is more portable; it will also boot-scoot when the winds pick up.  Probably won't mount anything permanent to it.  

    Go demo some; if it were me I would go solid. 

    I have a Kaku Kahuna - bit heavy for my liking, but does the job.  I use it more like a kayak than SUP. Wind can be a bear, but the exercise is good. Budget aside I would look at a BOTE (ch-****).  I mount a powerpole on mine.

    Look on craigslist or forums for used ones to save a bit.


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    LOL - you can't post "c h a - c h i n g".   

    "This town needs an enema"

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    What Turner said... lots of places that have tiny channels that will just barely support a small power skiff up on plane.  If a paddle board (or any other paddle craft) is in that channel (when they can be anywhere and still mobile) the skiff is forced to drop off of plane in a place where they can barely float - and won't be able to use a pushpole either... Another of those "ask me how I know" moments.  On more than one occasion I've done the courteous thing, come off of plane and found myself and my customers stuck for an hour or more waiting for the rising tide.... particularly when running the tiny channel along the shoreline on the north side of Chokoloskee Bay coming out from Glades Haven towards the Turner River... After a few times you learn not to slow down - no matter how much you inconvenience a group of paddlers who didn't need to use the channel at all....

    Other than the above I approve of paddle craft since they allow you to get up close without bothering anyone else.  I'd never recommend an inflatable in the 10K though - too many nasty sharp oyster bars and barnacles on any piece of wood under the water as well... Just don't expect that nice new board, 'yak, or canoe to come out of the 'Glades with no scuffs and scratches on the bottom - it comes with the territory...
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      Captain LeMay,was in Rookery Bay near Naples and a guide boat was
    blocking left side of channel.So the choice was stay on plane or get stuck
    off plane.The guide follows me,yells disrespectful,amateur and circles my
    boat twice,wide open to make his point.So much for Good Friday fishing!
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    Pro - Shallow
    Con - Alligators
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    Sorry to hear that 10K... Jerks everywhere these days.  I've been commuting back and forth from Flamingo since Friday (only two more days to go....) and the road trip on the way home each day fighting my way northbound from Homestead isn't much fun either....  Pretty much combat driving on roads with more than their share of idiots that ...(remainder left out - there might be kids reading this....)

    In my book you did the right thing....
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