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I was at a friend's house in coral springs the other day and I was looking out at the lake behind the house when I saw a tree branch flowing by, only upon closer inspection that tree branch was a decent sized snakehead! Now, I don't know anything about fishing freshwater, but I am sorely tempted to take my kayak to my friend's house to try and catch one of these bad boys.
Can I just use the usual light gear I use for seatrout and yellowtail snappers (10-15# mono, 20# leader, 3000-size spinner)? any suggestions on lures since all I have is saltwater gear?
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  • krashkrash Posts: 578 Officer
    Yes, Frog
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    I use a sienna 2500 and do just fine so a 3000 will definitely work.  Drag a frog a foot or two off the bank and hold on!  A snakehead blowing up a frog is the coolest bite in fishing IMO. And they're in every canal in coral springs. 
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    that's what I keep hearing: frog lure.
    If these things are so aggressive, do they ever bite humans? LOL
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    make sure you kill that thing if you catch one.
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    Everyone talks about their aggressiveness, but they are one of the most weary fish i've encountered. They often sit perpendicular to the bank, suspended an inch or two below the surface, nose inches away from the shore. When they're cruising, they'll be within a couple feet of the bank. Casting across the canal and dragging your lure into the water can be a killer tactic. Good luck!
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    Frog is definitely the way to go and as bostonsox2904 pointed out they are very weary fish. I cast the frog on the bank of the canal and "plop" it in the water and usually that fools them into striking. Seems that if they know you are there they get a case of lockjaw. If you want some real fun get an ultralight and fish for the Mayan ciclids, those "little" guys put up a battle!
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    Nice fish I love snakehead  if you are brave cook it they taste great
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