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Fishing Advice - visiting St. Pete area end of April

Hello good folks of Florida!  NC native here.  I’ll be spending my spring fishing vacation in Gulfport, Fl this year April 23-28.  Was wondering if anyone has any advice for the inshore species this time of year.  My main targets are snook, red and black drum, flounder, trout and possibly a tarpon.  Already rigged up my tarpon reel yesterday with 50lbs braided on an 8ft MH rod.  Mostly be fishing from shore, but will have my kayak with me.  Any advice from rigs, setups, bait(live or artificial) tides, water structures, locations, your hotspots ;) (j/k)  etc will be much appreciated.  I do believe we will be getting a charter one of the days (hopefully the 1st day).  Thanks in advance for any advice and I’ll post up my success when it’s all said and done.  Hoping to make this years trip epic!


  • TooLooseTooLoose Posts: 55 Deckhand
    Gulfport is a great area and the time of year you'll be here will be awesome fishing. A bit early for the major tarpon run, but there are some "early season" areas that will be holding plenty of fish. Looks like we will be coming up on a full moon the week you are here - full moon the 29th. I'd try and plan some trips around the last hour of the outgoing and first hour of the incoming. The crabs will start to flush around that time so you should have an opportunity to scoop some if you stick to the bridges and passes.
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