1/1 on Tarpon Monday afternoon...

The juvi tarpon have been mostly absent from my close by spots this winter but I kept checking just to see if they'd come back. Went by my favorite nearby spot yesterday afternoon just to see if anyone was home. Did not see a single fish roll but marked a number of fish on the sonar that I felt pretty sure had to be tarpon for various reasons and decided to fish for a little bit. After being there for maybe 10-15 minutes the fish did start rolling here and there but not tons of them. Maybe 10 minutes later as I was about to pack it in one of these infuriating overgrown herring decided to eat. Managed to land it despite t/m malfunctions in the wind while on the boat alone. Fun times...lol.  I'm guessing it was about 30# +/- and lots of fun on my little spinning rod. I don't know if it was the individual fish, water temperature or something else but the fish only jumped 2 or maybe 3 times with most of the fight being short runs followed by loops around the boat with me in tow.  This makes me 1/3 for 2018.  Can't wait to get another one!  Oh, and as it happens I spotted the first white butterfly I've seen in 2018 on Sunday afternoon.  ;-) 


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