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Hubbards first 12 hour Mangrove Snapper Trip of 2018

I fished the first 12 hour night snapper trip of 2018 on 3/23/18 due to a cancellation of the 3/2/18 trip. The first stop was covered with baby Amberjack which became frustrating after catching over 20 of those little fighters. The captain made a move and they never showed up again. The next few stops produced several Vermillian Snapper as well a Lane Snapper with a few Mangs. in the mix. There was one gooozer landed by a fishewoman fishing near the bow of the boat. She did really good the entire night catching a long stringer of vermillian and lane snapper. I witnessed several other fishermen with single catches of Mangs.I caught 4 Mangs, 5 Vermillians, 1 Lane and 2 grunts. Several long stringers of Vermillian and lanes were caught by most fishermen. We had a super light load. Looking forward to the 3/30/18 full moon trip.
Check out the pic.


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