Haulover/Miami Fishing Report - 3/24

Its been awhile since I last posted a report, but it does not mean I have not been fishing.  I am very fortunate that I get out almost every weekend.  Here is my report from yesterday.

We started fishing to the south.   Kite fishing for Sailfish was the plan, but unfortunately none came into our spread.  We did end up with a King and a school of Mahi swimming into the spread.  We got four before they moved on.   We got one more school of Mahi swim through, but could only get one before they took off.   Also caught about a dozen Bonito, of which I kept about half for future bait (Bonito Strip bait).  After a few hours decided to mix it up and do some reef fishing and caught several Mangrove Snapper and nice Trigger fish.   A bunch of undersize Mutton's.   Changed to plan C and ended up with 4 Blackfin Tuna and one big Amberjack.   I recommended against keeping the AJ, but my friends decided they wanted to keep it anyway - they didn't seem to  care about the worms (cut them out :-)) and the possible Ciguatera Poisoning.  We are all adults, so home it went.

Total tally for the day:  5 Mahi, 4 Blackfin, 1 King, 1 Amberjack, 1 Triggerfish, 3 Mangrove Snapper, and 5 Bonito's for strip bait and 7 more throwbacks


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