PE 3/25

Cleared the inlet around 7am to choppy seas.  Rigged for Blackfin with some smaller lures..pinks and blue and one naked rigged hoo.  zig zaged north up to the steeple between 150 ft and 350 feet...not a sniff.
Changed up to dolphin rigs...skirted Hoo (one pink islander and one blue diving islander)..kept the naked hoo out there as well.  Headed East.... Got knocked down on a weedline in about 450 feet...Blue diving islander on a hoo. Nice little bull.  Kept him close but he had no mates. Put him in the box. Trolled around the area for a while with no other takers then went all the way out to 1800 feet, and back again. Couple short strikes from peanuts..but nothing else in the box.  Back in around 1.30pm...nice day out on the water.


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