Orvis mid arbor in saltwater?

BigVernBigVern Posts: 152 Deckhand
Hi folks.

Has anyone used an Orvis pro guide mid arbor V fly reel in saltwater? If yes were there any problems and what advice, other than a thorough rinse, would you give after a saltwater foray? I will hopefully fishing for snook off the beaches this August.

Thanks in advance.



  • JustKeepSwimmingJustKeepSwimming Posts: 119 Deckhand
    I use an Orvis battenkill large arbor which is about 6 years old whilst fishing in the surf. I believe the pro guide mid arbor is the same as the battenkill, just with a name change??  If that is correct it will be made of the same aluminum etc and have a sealed drag. Just make sure you rinse it after each trip and try and keep it lubricated. 

    Hopefully someone else will have some useful input.
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