Help me get in trouble with the wife

I'm thinking of sneaking some equipment into the house using a little bonus check money. Current body is a 7D and my best glass is the 70-200 f 2.8 and 1.4X TC. I could likely afford the 400mm f 5.6 or a used 5D mark ii (or possibly a mark iii). So which is it - glass or body?


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    I have no useful input but the title cracked me up. 
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    so what do you shoot mainly?  
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    Post picture of wife, then we can photoshop and make your title come true.
    I didn't say it was your fault, I said I was blaming you
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    Both.  You can get a teleconverter and turn your 70-200 into a longer lens, although I'm not sure how it will effect your f2.8 speed.  This way you can still get a new body.  Wish I had more info but I use Nikon.  My 80-400mm lens is awesome, BTW.
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    Glass...skip the converter, but as mentioned what is your primary goal on shooting?  portraits, wedding, sports, landscape/outdoors, birds?  Plenty of sites that have comparisons.
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    There are the replies! (no pix of wife, sorry, never gonna happen, imagine Helen Hunt in her heyday)... I want to shoot birds better. I'm leaning towards the 400mm f5.6 or maybe even the 2X teleconverter, but I know the lens will be sharper, all things considered.

    Here's a recent shot, but done with my school's equipment, a T6 and cheapo 75-300... It's the shot that made me wish for something more

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    I shot this one with my old 20D...

    same canal trip in Mt. Dora several years ago...

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    glass! the 7D is a very capable body. the new Canon 100-400mm is a very good lens. the first generation is good also & can be had used very reasonably. then there is the Sigma 150-600. less than a grand & 600mm! i have one & it gets used a lot. but you are not going to "sneak" that thing anywhere!!!!!  
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    The Canon 100-400mm is the equivalent to my NIkonn 80-400mm.  Both are excellent if you want it for birds.  Here are a couple of examples of my recent shots with my D7200 and 80-400 combo.  Hope this helps.
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    Another pic.
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    Here's a Black-capped Petrel I photographed when I borrowed by friend's Canon with the 100-400mm lens.  If birds are your target, that's the lens I'd recommend.
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