60 Miles Offshore Grouper Report

Went 60 miles straight out of Ft Myers on Sunday morning and was greeted with flat calm seas. First we stopped at a spot around 45 miles out in 83 feet of water, was marking a lot on the bottom but nothing was biting so we moved out to 60 miles and 113 feet of water.

Once we got there the action was insane. We were getting 3 to 4 keeper red grouper at the same time. The biggest of the day was 31", my wifes biggest so far. She also caught a 29.5".

We ended up getting out limit within 5 minutes (all 4 poles went off at the same time and they were all keepers)
We continued to do the drift a few more times and ended up throwing back at least 12 more keepers that were up to 27". 

We saw all kinds of wind life also including 3 types of dolphins (bottlenose, spinner and Atlantic spotted). Along with the usual turtles. But something we saw that has not happened to us yet was a school of 50+ Amberjack came right next to the boat. If I had a gaff I could have stuck one thats how close they were (although I would not do that)

Only bait we used were sand perch on chicken rigs.

Please check out the video below.


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