Trolling weight placement question

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I made this contraption a while back for my GoPro, and find that it runs a little too shallow.  I bought a 32oz trolling weight and am wondering where the best place to put it would be to get this thing down a little deeper.  One option is what you see in the picture on the right, where the trolling weight is between the dredge arms and the GoPro housing.  The other option (not pictured) would be to run the trolling weight out in front of the dredge arms.  Do you think it would make a difference where it is located?


  • LBAyersLBAyers Posts: 40 Greenhorn
    I think I would put it out front.
  • Terence1Terence1 Posts: 122 Deckhand
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    I would put the weight in front of the dredge arms. Have you had any success with the dredge? 
  • mtbrider85mtbrider85 Posts: 337 Deckhand
    I would think having the weight in front of the dredge would pull it deeper?

    If you don't mind spending the $$$- hooking up the dredge to a electric downrigger is a sweet setup since you can put it at a precise depth and even program the rigger to work multiple depths based on a timer/schedule. Works great raising sails. 
  • SCaveNJSCaveNJ Posts: 48 Greenhorn
    Thanks everyone.  Out front it will go.  I used it once and found it was running too close to the surface, so the added weight should help to get it down more.  The GoPro did capture something briefly coming up to check out the spread, but it was far back and hard to see.  Long and slender though, so I'm guessing a king or cuda.  
    Thanks for the advice.  I appreciate it.
  • FrydaddyFrydaddy Boynton BeachPosts: 447 Deckhand
    Use a 48oz and and about a  10ft shock cord to the dredge.  Should do the trick. Also use braid on the reel
  • FogFog Posts: 64 Greenhorn
    I ran all my dredges off a downrigger and it worked well.
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