3/8/18 Glassed out slick calm post cold front, tarpon showed up big time!

Great three quarter day with Myron and Keith down from Minnesota. The weather slicked out glass calm and warmed up tremendously from a few days ago. I had figured with the warming spell the tarpon would probably show up big today and a few guides reported seeing some late yesterday starting to move through. We found them and though the water was still chilly to start at 69 degrees they were happy and it warmed up fast throughout the day. Both the guys caught a tarpon and we hooked three more but they didn't want to stay on the hooks for us! Also good shark action and a monstrous sting Ray too. All you could ask for we wrapped up around noon and headed home. Looks like tomorrow should be more of the same, I have the day off though but back at it Tuesday. Winds suppose to kick up a little and swing around the dial the next few days as we get another cold front... But hopefully we will get some decent tarpon action for a couple more days before the temperatures drop again.  March has been somewhat fickle with the tarpon bite with all the late cold weather we've had.  In between fronts we've had a handful of days like these, but when the water temperatures drop into the mid 60s it's more or less shut the big tarpon down and we've been going back to winter time fishing mode.  Anyways I hope this means we will have a stellar april/may as perhaps the tarpon haven't been beaten up too much early on.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
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