March 17th Destin/Ft Walton Beach report

cmg76cmg76 Posts: 79 Greenhorn
Most of the fishing I have done this week has been in the different bayous and coves and have been doing great. I've had the best luck using live shrimp and hitting the docks that have the bigger boats in them.I have been throwing around the fronts of the boats not really having to get way up under them.  Got 8 slot black drum, 1 slot red, and a 32" red yesterday alone.  Ive heard reports of sheep being caught at Destin bridge but the other local bridges i havent heard any great reports, i may be wrong though. Also a buddy of mine hit some flays in Destin and picked up 3 really nice trout.  Hope everyone has a great week! Pic is the 32 i caught yesterday.

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    Good report
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    This is a great report.  Nice job!
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    good report; thanks for sharing

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    Cool beans!
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