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What reels to recommend

XafXaf Posts: 1,105 Officer
I have a friend who is getting back into fishing and wants to buy a couple new reels. He asked me for advice on what reels to buy. I don't really keep up with new reels and new models until I'm ready to buy then I do a lot of research to decide what I want to get. Currently I use a couple Saltiga Star drag reels and an Okuma Makaira 15 II sea 2 speed.   I would like to give him several options similar to my reels rather then just telling him to get what I have. He will mainly be fishing for snapper and grouper, using both dead and live bait and occasionally jigging, with 40 - 80 lb line. 

So my question boils down to what other reels would you recommend that are comparable in price and quality to the Saltiga Star drags and the Makaira 2 speed?


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