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Sunday Offshore - Kings, Mangs, Gags

Made a quick run offshore Sunday afternoon. Couldn't find the bait that was previously stacked up off the beach -water was 65. Didn't warm up much as we ran offshore - 66 at 55 ft where we found bait stacked up on some hard bottom . Anchored up, chummed and loaded live well with Spanish dines, cigar minnows. in 2 hours we had one hit and miss....Decided to hit a spot in 40 ft on the way in.  Put out the free lines and drop down some jigs/shrimp for hogs, snaps. No hogs but managed 8 mangs and lots of gags (16"-22"). Then the kings showed up  - I got 2 small ones then my son got his big one.


Mike Wilhite - Fisherman/President

Born Offshore Gear

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