Florida sportsman is dead

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 I have read dozens and dozens of these negative  reports. But whatever is driving people not to report has to be changed.  If you notice 30% of reports are actually people asking questions because nobody is reporting. Whoever works for this publication/website needs to get to work and figure  out why this website is  so pathetic . I remember the days when I get my magazine in the mailbox. I was so excited to get the publication back in the 80s  that I would sit down and read the whole thing at one shot. Magazine still seems to be good but this website stuff is not working might as will just shut it down.  I would start with putting the dates of the report back on the region listing  so it's clear when this person originally put the report on. I have a suggestion for Florida sportsman why don't you try looking at shrimpnfish Florida website look at their participation and how many times a day that there are reports on this website for such a small northeast Florida Tri-County area. To be a member of this website you must report or reply five times a month for your membership drops off maybe a suggestion for Florida sportsman to get some activity on this website.  Either way you need to do something because it's getting to the point that I don't even get on Florida sportsman anymore because I know there's not going be any new reports.


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    Well, I'm gonna make a comment here that will probably get me banned...Oh well.  Some people on FS website are trolls, they simply are haters as to someone else's success.  I have seen this MANY times.  Name calling starts to happen and soon or later, the moderators will step in.  That being said, FS moderators have their own "favorites" that they let get away with murder.  Some moderators themselves are the haters.  They take it upon themselves to jump onto people that are doing nothing but responding to the haters.  This has happened to me.  I literally got suspended from FS for doing nothing but retaliating to these types of people.  The guilty party didn't get spanked,,, I DID.   Now that being said, I'm the first to say that I'm no angel.. never claimed to be but I do report on my catches which drives some of the people on the FS side crazy because I like to kill fish.  Releasing is fine for some but that's definitely NOT my specialty.  Anyways, after literally having to go over the moderators head, I did so as while the moderators don't like me, I did not break any FS rules and was reinstated.    IMO the higher ups at Fla. Sportsman need to govern their moderators a bit more than they do.  I've had PM from other moderators that have been very nice and professional asking me to "not provoke" people.  My response was "Hey, I'm cool with that BUT if you poke a dog with a stick, don't be surprised when he bites you".  When I write my stories about my travels, they are without question the most hit upon in the S. General section.  I write in a PG manner and even to this day, I still get some haters that still comment.  What am I suppose to do?  Notify the moderators?  REALLY? That's like a man saying he was beat up by his girlfriend.  I wish FS would have a section that adults can do/say what they want as I actually enjoy toying with the guys that hate me... it's actually kind of fun.  Like shooting rats on a wire.  The magazine itself will die a slow death, not because it's content is bad, it is not.  It's fate is due to the internet.  Just like newspapers, printed material will soon be a dinosaur.  For those of you that read this and think I don't like FS, you are wrong.  I've done seminars, articles and even their fishing show for them, all at no charge, I just think that corporate needs to hear the truth.  HAMMER

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    Less fish being caught also. I remember  saying “ can’t wait til the winter to catch kings on the Mucho K with capt. Bobby and Spanish macs with the NE winds off the piers” I’ll never forget the year when winter came and went and no kings in any decent numbers were caught, I said: “next year” and next winter came and went and... they never came back after that year or better said, they don’t make it past PB county. Now a days we all have a bunch of high tech tackle but a lot less to report.
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    Sorry Hoogan, I completely disagree.  More boats are being sold now than ever.  90% of the fish are caught by 10% of the fishermen, it's always been that way and always will be.

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    Less fish being caught no doubt.  Miami has lost 90% of its commercial fishermen due to a lack of abundance of commercially valuable fish.  There is only one remaining hook-and-line boat, and he targets stuff like crevalles since the fishing on the reef sucks so bad.  I quit years ago, and I used to whack them like few people on this forum even dream of.  The catches people brag about in the Dry Tortugas today I used to make in one afternoon off Key Largo.  It's not the same anymore.  1,000 lbs of kings off Miami in a morning, 50 muttons in one afternoon off Key Largo, not happening.  I still go out there and I hear the captains on the radio.  On most days they are mostly complaining about how slow it is.  Those trips do not get reported on their FB page I assure you.  Same goes for the average recreational guy.  Few want to report that they spent the day trolling, kite fishing or whatever only to catch a couple of bonito and a shark.  Back in the 70s there was no internet, but the local paper would have fishing reports, and there were publications with reports every couple of weeks.  I have a bunch of those saved up for comparison with today's measly reports.  It's night and day.  Hoogan is on the money.  100 kingfish mornings on the Mucho K was the rule rather than the exception during winter.  You want to disprove me, go catch this off Key Largo in one afternoon.  BTW, I would have caught more if the sharks hadn't shown up.  Yes, there were a lot of sharks back then too.  The fact that boats have to go all the way to the Tortugas and beyond just to catch a few muttons and grouper shows how much it's changed.
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    I agree since the forum was changed it has got bad.
    A lot of the regulars are gone no posts .I have 5 posts
     on 1 page and not many views.And had pics of decent catches.
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    Is there any other site out there where people post catch reports?  I don't know of any
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    miamimuttonman posts some decent reports on social media, seems to be slaying em pretty regularly.   
    People use statistics the way a drunk uses a street light, for support rather than illumination.
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    this forum died many years ago, the funeral procession has been long.

    btw, that's a photo of blair wickstrom in my avatar. he needs to wear the badge of responsibility of the death of the forum. 

    THT is the best alternative that i know of.  


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    Slaying is a relative term, BTW.  What people call slaying today we used to call a slow day years ago.
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    I try to post at least a "Good dill" on every fishing report I read, whether it is from an area I fish or not. Nothing worse than taking the time to give a report and nobody acknowledges it. Makes you think twice before taking the time to write another.
    I didn't say it was your fault, I said I was blaming you
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    There's been way too much manipulation by the admins and mods trying to mold this place into some place that it didn't want to be instead of letting it have a life of it's own.  It's a pretty common mistake in online communities.  Either by power hungry, keyboard commando admins and mods, or more likely in this case, trying to increase/salvage ad revenue.

    Social media is the obvious beneficiary for the content that's no longer being posted here.  How many admins and mods meddle in the way that works?  Pretty much zero.
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    Sorry Hoogan, I completely disagree.  More boats are being sold now than ever.  90% of the fish are caught by 10% of the fishermen, it's always been that way and always will be.

    I recall a thread regarding drytortugas and it’s mutton pupolation in which the sharp decline of Muttons was strongly argued by authorities of the sportfishing industry, you  were one of the heavy hitters debating the decline of Muttons in tortugas. My opinion is that we pounded the breeders week in and week out, catching 15 to 25 big Muttons was common if you had the knowledge and put the time in the rail. About 8 years ago we had a trip in which most Muttons were in the 5 - 7 lb range, I found that to be strange at the time, since the average size of Muttons in tortugas was in the 10 to 15 lb range and little if any by-catch ever made it to the fish box, now smaller fish have become the norm and by-catch is way up. For the last 8 years I’ve been chasing the old days of half doz. 15lb  fish and no matter how hard I try or how much lighter my tackle gets and how better my bait quality and bait presentation gets it just hasn’t made a come back. I was privileged to be right next to Rick Casey, Hollywood, FL. when he landed the standing 30.4 lb world record  mutton with capt. Donnie, we were in the old “truck stop” that night and the 4 fish prior to Rick’s fish were all 25 pounders. I’ve heard just about every reason why the conditions just don’t line up any more, the sharks, the ARS’s, the tide, the gulf  stream being up on the reef, all I know is that it doesn’t happen anymore no matter how hard we try. All I’m saying is that this has been my personal experience, nothing more nothing less.

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    I think we can all agree that we, as humans contribute to certain fish stocks depletion along with our sophisticated electronics and boats that have extended range.  I argued the fact that we should NOT kill the muttons during the spawn.  Many disagreed.  While everyone wants to remember the good ole days, those days had some tough fishing days as well.  We remember the good trips, not the bad.  I have trips down to the fort where I actually feel a little guilty about killing so many fish, then, the next trip I get humbled.  Truth of the matter is that it's fishing.  Fish move, things change.  To prove my point, why don't some of you older guys post pics of 30 red snappers caught off Miami.  I think there's more red snappers around now than ever... why?  I think there's a MAJOR shortage of black grouper, yet they're not even being talked about being restricted yet red grouper, which I have days where I catch 100 of them, are next on the chopping block.  Bottom line, I don't think it's the lack of fish that is killing FS, our millenials aren't interested in fishing, they're interested in video games and texting and playing on social media.
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    Well put Reef Bandit.  I also argued for a mutton spawning season closure, even as I was fishing for them.  I would call NOAA, send letters, attended a few meetings.  When the muttons were still abundant you could catch 20, 30 or more outside the spawning season if you knew what you were doing.  So why kill them when they're trying to spawn?  Just makes no sense, but we did it.  If you think I'm old school, my dad was born in 1925 and he also knew we would all benefit from a spawning closure.  In addition to all the hook-and-lining and longlining being done, you also had the fish trappers taking their share of muttons and grouper.  They especially whacked them in the fall when the medium-sized muttons started moving in response to the first northeast winds.  I would see them come in with their catches at the wholesale markets.  So, fewer muttons, fewer blacks, but lots of Red Snapper (not so much off Miami but elsewhere).  Red snapper have been strictly protected, but the others not.  It's not rocket science.  I started fishing off Miami in the 70s, and never saw Red Snapper, so if they were ever abundant here it must have been long before my time.  Plenty of other fish for sure, and we didn't have any of the fancy electronics we have now.  Less fish, many more boats, lots more technology, plus the collective experience of decades of fishing and handed down knowledge.  That's how we got to where we are today.
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    Ditto here to what Reef Bandit and Xenia said. I too no longer feel the need (more like greed) to kill so many fish and pound my chest on my favorite party boat to prove to everyone else my High Hook status, I’ve gotten older and more emotionally mature (debatable) most of the time, I say most of the time because if I don’t check my motives I’ll revert to wanna-be best fisherman and recapture my elusive youth. Sorry for derailing this post.  :|
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    I should clear something up.  When I was catching 1,000 lbs of kings or dozens of muttons, etc, I was doing it commercially.  That was my only source of income.  My father started fishing around 1940ish, and I joined him as soon as I was old enough.  I didn't want to do anything else, but by the 1980s I realized the future for fishing in this area, especially commercial fishing, looked pretty grim, so I went to college and got my degree at a much older age than the average student.  Although I tried to catch enough fish to earn a living, I was well aware of the consequences of unsustainable fishing practices.  I was releasing undersized fish before there were size limits, and resisted the temptation to use destructive gear such as fish traps or gill nets.  I also advocated for regs that I believed would help the resource and the fishermen in turn.  I was not the only one, but unfortunately other voices held more sway and we couldn't prevent overfishing.  I still hope we can reverse some of the damage, and others will be able to experience the glory days as I did.
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    Another example of how much there WAS to report on a forum like this one, a friend and well known Tarvernier Key charter boat captain by the first name of Lee started his career by commercial fishing off Miami, during season he would go out off Halouver inlet and would locate suspended on sandy bottom large number of Gag grouper, I sincerely believe him when he tells me that on a good day he would put 150 Gags on his boat. I had no idea that at some point Miami was holding Gag grouper like that.
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    Video killed the radio star, facebook killed the bulletin board/forum.

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    The problem as I see it is today's society encourages haters in order to create controversy. I grew up down here and have fished both for sport and commercially. I've posted my thoughts on the changes to our fisheries down here several times on this forum with the hope that those who don't know how it was can compare to how it is now. I enjoy posting catch pictures and answering questions related to those catches hoping to help  those new to the area enjoy our resource. I agree with Hammer regarding the percentage of anglers catching the bulk of the fish. We could go into that in another discussion, but this discussion regards those who hide behind their keyboards and bash those who actually go out, catch fish, then tell us about the experience. I know or did know most of the old timers mentioned here as I spent some time working the Haulover docks and fishing out of Haulover for 40 some odd years and can say that if the people complaining would invest their time in observing and studying the art of fishing as those people did they would have less to complain about. I guess it's easier for people to be negative about everything and everyone than to move forward and enjoy their little lives.
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    Hoogan, you mean Lee Robinson?  Yes, he fished out of Haulover in a small, yellow boat if I remember correctly then he got a Crusader 34.  I fished alongside him.  We would catch lots of gags at the 85 wreck off Hallandale, but there were other spots.  There was another guy named Bob Surpeigo (spelling?) that called my and my dad a bad dream because every morning when he got to the spot, we were there first.  There's also a natural ledge right off Bear Cut where huge numbers of gags were taken in the late 70s.  Definitely a spawning site.  I would imagine that most people on this forum don't know that there were spots right off Dade and Broward where 100s of grouper would be taken in one day, but there were.  We finally have a spawning season closure, but is it too little too late? Time will tell.  I don't fish as hard anymore, and am waiting to catch something worth posting.  i only really discovered this forum late last year.  Since most of the commercial guys I fished with have either retired, moved away, or passed, I don't have many connections to the fishing world anymore, and I hoped this forum would be a way to exchange stories about what we all love to do.  My last two trips recently were attempts at daytime swordfish, and I went 0/4, losing one fish just before we saw it.  Eventually I hope to catch something again so I can post!
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    Best read I've had on this site in a minute!
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    The forum and the fisheries we enjoy are pretty much what we make it.  I was raised in Key West around commercial fishing and my remaining friends there are still doing it. The pressure in the South Florida area is intense. I hate the thought of all the reg's but population almost demands it. I grew up with NO regulations on size and limit. We kept everything and they were abundant. Our gear and vessel restrictions (also money) protected the fish. We had no fathom meters or GPS and the fish benefited. 
    We are just too good at using and sharing info anymore.  It has it's drawbacks. Forum reports being one. FB posts seldom have any useful info but a decent forum report has approximate location , water temp , depth etc.
    It gets more attention than you think.
    "You'll get your weather"
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    Xenia, yeap Lee Robinson, he told me wth his usual calmed and humble demeanor about all the gags off of Miami, I’ve managed to catch several at the Old Pipes but have lost many more, remember The Bubble? I grew up on the old pier by the dog track with Rene De Dios, Jimbo, Seweed, most RIP now. 
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    Hoogan said:
     I too no longer feel the need (more like greed) to kill so many fish and pound my chest on my favorite party boat to prove to everyone else my High Hook status,
    That's good to know, Art! I will test you on this on the next trip!  o:)
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     Well I guess I started this thread. It's amazing when you get a lot of big time hitters actually discussing fishing too bad we can't share each other's times on the water without worrying about Bogarting. It would be nice to feel at least open to speak about the days catch.  Maybe our haul is not what it used to be. I sit back and wait for most people to report not to Bogart but actually because they're so little participation it's not a discussion it's just a periodic Report . Hope we all can participate more in the future. If anything just say the fish are biting go get them eg. the yellowtail are  turned on.  You could post your pics don't have to give specifics just keep this form going. If anything I just like seeing the activity of reports. Good fishing 
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    I try to post a report every time I fish.   I was 10 back in 1988 so all I did was read about the good times in FS magazines, best gift I ever received from my parents was a subscription to this magazine as a kid.   I used to have them piled up in my room.   

    Now that i can get on the water with my son, a good day is constantly rebaiting because we are getting bites, putting half a dozen edible fish in the cooler, and having a good time on the water.     

    You older guys who remember 15lb muttons, hell i'll never see a 15lb mutton  and my son will probably never see a number of species you guys took for granted back in the day.   We make the most of what we have.   3 years and we still haven't landed a cobia on the west coast.   I know we will eventually.  But we keep at it.  That's one reason I love the Keys.  We catch so many different species down there.  Look forward to that trip all year, and when we get back i sped the other half of the year reminiscing about the trip.  Until hunting season starts ;)
    People use statistics the way a drunk uses a street light, for support rather than illumination.
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    Its funny to see these posts about catching 30-40 muttons, 1000lbs of king, etc when the point is "why has fishing declined".

    Fishing has declined for a number of reasons, some being, over fishing, water quality issues, Land based sources of pollution, coral decline and disease, dredging damage to our environment, just to name a few.

    Now, the decline in the forum, same thing many reasons, including a change to social medial, certain moderators, lack of or declining interest, etc.....
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        The Florida Sportsman,the magazine has slowly gone down in 
    each issue gets fewer pages as the years go by.The fishing articles
    could have been written by a local Chamber of Commerce.Very
    little insight in the articles.
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    I remmeber reading Vic Dunaway in the Miami Herald and the Herald use to put out an annual almanac of camping fishing rigging written by Vic and Lefty etc.
    The **** thing is that 
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    I agree since the forum was changed it has got bad.
    A lot of the regulars are gone no posts .I have 5 posts
     on 1 page and not many views.And had pics of decent catches.
    I agree with you, the time has changed everything
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