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High Resolution Bathymetric Imagery

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Sorry meant to post this in the general fishing and can't figure out how to move/delete

Came across NOAA's site for viewing high resolution bathymetric imagery and wrote a brief tutorial on using it here https://www.boateasy.net/en/listings/542251-using-noaas-free-high-resolution-bathymetric-imagery

It's an awesome free resource for anyone who likes finding new fishing/diving spots. While coverage is limited to certain areas where they've done surveys, in areas where they have there is tons of detail to explore. Here's NOAA's site for it https://maps.ngdc.noaa.gov/viewers/bathymetry/

A few pictures of cool stuff around South Florida I've found so far.

Pretty clear view of a wreck that wasn't on the chart or a public #
These are all public wrecks off Key Biscayne, just neat seeing them all laid out like this.

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