Favorite Black Bart Lure

In honor of the passing of Captain Bart Miller, what is your favorite Black Bart Lure and for what species?


  • bmoodybmoody Posts: 940 Officer
    Two or three of the four blues I've caught came on copies of the breakfast.  We were also pulling 2x extreme breakfast as teasers at the time too.  After that trip I added pelagic breakfast to my collection for local fishing.

    The only "game fish" I've personally caught locally on a BBL was a small dolphin on a 1656 mini flat in black over purple.

    I also have a special fondness for "Polamalu".   This is my BBL Bad Guy that is skirted black/gold over silver/gold/black fade.  This is not a standard Black Bart color.  I have to order the skirts from Melton's and carry them into the shop.  I think Jack thought I was crazy.  I married into a Steelers family, and I needed a tube for my collection -- this lure was a gift for my wife, who over the years treated some of Capt. Miller's dogs.  She remains very fond of her Black Bart t-shirt that Mrs. Miller gave her as a gift, and her Black Bart visor (which she wears when we fish).

    Sorry, I can't name just one.

  • privateer19privateer19 Posts: 359 Deckhand
    Tuna Candy in flying fish have crushed many a mahi on these.....
  • dragon baitdragon bait Posts: 5,792 Admiral
    I fished with Bart a bunch back in our BBC days, sorry to hear about his passing
    we have done well with the 1656 slant as well as a host of others

  • Tori'S ToyTori'S Toy Posts: 271 Deckhand
    Some of my favorite micros

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