Nursery Time

5 March 2018...Wabasso to Johns Island...Weather report looked good.  Good day for numbers, bad day for Quality.  16 Trout, 5 Reds, 7 Snook, 4 Jacks and 7 Ladyfish.  Did not count the Hardhead Cats and Snapper.  Only 2 of the fish made the bump line, a pair of 15 inch Trout.  First stop of the day, Hobart Landing.  A few bumps, suspect small Ladies and Snapper.  Next stop, South end of Hole in the Wall, nothing.  Move to the Sisters, nursery fun begins, 3 Rat Reds.  Next up one of the ICW docks, good for Trout.  Only one slot in the group.  Tried the spoil islands, but the boat wakes were too much.  Grand Harbor, again, could not get past the golf cart bridge, water too high.  South to McCullers, really looked good, just a couple of small Snook.  Estuary to the Tween area, Jacks just under the 2 pound mark.  Johns Island, a real 15 inch Trout.  Had a shot at the resident Gar, but no luck.  Again more short Snook.  Johns Island bridge was fun, 6 casts, 2 Trout, a Red and a Snook.  Biggest Red of the day, 17 inches.  Last stop of the day, islands to the South of the High Rise Bridge.  Tide just right.  Ladyfish, Jacks, Snook, Trout, Snapper, final Rat and a derelict Sheepshead.  Most of today’s fish came on the Baby Vudu Shrimp, Rapala Flat Rap and Matrix Shad.  Some spots in the area are showing cleaner water, but still have a ways to go.
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