Wilson's Storm-Petrel

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These are seen "walking" on the water in summer off SE FL.  They breed along Antarctica and islands in the Southern Hemisphere during summer (our winter) and disperse worldwide into all oceans.  Among the most numerous of all birds in the world, they are the smallest warm-bodied creature to breed in Antarctica.  One of three species of storm-petrel seen off our coast.  This photo was taken off Miami in June of last year.


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    Never seen one of them

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    can't say that i have either.... how far offshore?
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    In the Gulfstream around weedlines, but I have seen them on the reef at times.  They're small and aren't much use in locating fish, so they are easily overlooked.  Here is another species that's found here, a Band-rumped Storm-Petrel.  These breed in the eastern Atlantic around the Madiera and Cape Verde Islands.  Amazing how a bird so small cover thousands of miles of ocean without coming ashore except to breed.
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