MLF and the Stick Marsh

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 I've always wondered how the Major League Fishing competitors would do down there.  Well looks like I'm going to find out.  We went Wednesday and while fishing first thing in the morning a couple of their wrapped Nitro boats came running by us.  We watched a few more run around thoughout the day.  When we came in around 2:30, they were all pulled up to the south shore by the ramp for their final break of the day. Greg Hackney, Edwin Evers, Taki Omori (sp?) and I think Ish Monroe were in the group. They headed out back on the lake as soon as we were pulling out.

We went back down on Thursday and saw another group of them fishing but never were close enough to see who it was.

They'll probably move to Garcia or Blue Cypress for the final rounds.

As for us, we did pretty good on Wednesday (got 42 up to 5.10).  Thursday was slower with 25 but nothing over 2-3 lbs and the bite was over by 9-9:30


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    I heard they were already at Garcia , last week. Probably trying the throw the bad rap for being a dink league.
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    Son said they were doing K ville and Garcia...Fire Dept did stand by
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    Interesting. I enjoyed seeing them struggle on Harris. Will be fun to watch.
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    Just seen Evers get zipped on a smallmouth lake. Couldn't believe it.
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    It’ll be interesting to see where they ended up. I like seeing them have days like we do too Louie. 
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    Just to let you know they had a sponsor day going on in a ditch I fish.
    Was surprised until I remembered I told Skeet about it years ago
    He and Chris were having a nice day out of the wind.
    That is all I know about that FG B)

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