Pennwood Motor Lodge | Sebastian

not sure if anybody is familiar with PML but i have stayed there in the past. if they aren't available to talk i always get a call back. i called and left a message yesterday around 10am, then called again at 4pm and also called today at 1pm. nobody picks up and it always goes to voicemail. anybody know if they are still open? i saw a "google review" from last week....maybe there booked and don't need the biz??

rise and shine, it's fishing time!


  • My TurnMy Turn Posts: 57 Greenhorn
     I drove by it today it looks like it's open and doing business
  • skankin pickleskankin pickle Posts: 35 Greenhorn
    thanks my turn. might give them another call and see if i get lucky.
    rise and shine, it's fishing time!
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