New Surf Rod Recommendation

charlessyversoncharlessyverson Posts: 47 Greenhorn
i am looking to purchase a new surf rod.  I currently have a St Croix Triumph travel rod 10', up to 4 oz).  Last year was my first year surf fishing and I primarily fished for small sharks.  I would like to expand my quarry (pompano, Spanish, ??).  Any recommendations for brand, length, and weight range?  I would like to stay in the $250 range or so.  I see a lot of surf rod info but it seems to all be east coast fisherman, feel gulf recommendations.  Any and all help is greatly appreciated!


  • RondoRondo Posts: 762 Officer
    Tommy Farmer CPS 13ft 2-6oz. I've got 2 and love them.

  • TwinTurboJoshTwinTurboJosh Posts: 14 Greenhorn
    How do you like the 10' Triumph? You're looking to downsize/upsize? Don't need a ton of stick for pompano.

    I'm planning on picking one up before vacationing in Cape San Blas later this year. 
  • Big Sky DaveBig Sky Dave Posts: 37 Greenhorn
    The sweetist  pompano rod I've cast is Florida Surf Angler's 11' dual rung (works with both conventional and spinning reels).  The rod is light and sensitive.  Easy to feel it load.  I'm no casting expert, but I have cast 3 oz 115 yards with both spin and conventional.
  • charlessyversoncharlessyverson Posts: 47 Greenhorn
    I love my St Croix Triumph.  I would highly recommend it and the portability is awesome.  I am looking to go bigger/longer.  I have looked at the Mojo 11', thinking that may fit the bill.  I also have looked at the Tommy Farmer 13' rod, but am unsure of issues casting it.  I tried a 12' Ugly Stik and I didn't like it, didn't cast any farther than my 10' rod.  Wasn't sure if it was a new issue with the rod or the technique.
  • CPAforSnookCPAforSnook Posts: 70 Greenhorn
    These are good choices.  Purchased the Penn Carnegie 2 last year and it has performed well for me.  
  • charlessyversoncharlessyverson Posts: 47 Greenhorn
    What size did you purchase?
  • CPAforSnookCPAforSnook Posts: 70 Greenhorn
    Purchased a 10 ft.  Recommended reel, 5000-7000, lure 1-5oz, line rating 25-50lb braid.  Fish mostly on the gulf coast and felt 10ft was adequate for the surf.
  • ButchautoButchauto Posts: 7 Greenhorn
    What part of the Gulf Coast will you be using it mostly? Around the Clearwater area there's not much need to cast more than 75-100 yards. Some of the best snook and Jacks I've caught were 25 yards from the beach  I use multiple 10 foot rods and end up having the best luck and fun with my 8 footer and a quality reel. 
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