Photographing your kills



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    I made a short film this year of my duck hunts here are the first two of 4 chapters

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  • BodieDrakeBodieDrake Posts: 49 Greenhorn a little lake O hunting

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    I like it when they smile.

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    [IMG][/img]20150920_102619.jpgMake sure to light the cigar in it mouth- if your going to clean it you might as well. To me i want the wound to show and if you holding it out (so it looks bigger) i think you have a small ____ and your trying to compensate. Tong out is natural, looks good. Reality is best.[IMG][/img]006_06.jpg

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    flydown wrote: »
    Depth Of Field

    Okay.. First off, I apologize for stealing this image, but it is for good reason! It is a GREAT photograph that displays how the use of depth of field can completely change the feeling of a photograph.

    Here's one for the 35mm DSLR gang.

    This photograph that is a perfect example of how opening the aperture, and compressing the lens of your camera creates a shallow depth of field that will draw your eye to what matters. In this case it's the Buck's head and antlers. Nothing else is in sharp focus but what's important in this photograph. Not that you want to take every shot in this fashion, but taking a few like this adds impact.

    So open those apertures and compress those images, boys!

    I never looked like that after I get done hunting....:)

    It's a very nice picture, but I always look a bit more "shop worn" than those two rascals after I have blasted something...I just look old, fat and whupped upon...

    ......and where the Miller Beer cans in their hands... :)
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    ...and with that history was made...:)
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    For those who think you need to haul their pricey 35mm camera into the woods, or have a buddy present to get great photographs of your trophies, this one's for you.

    This is a great example of how a little imagination and a decent cell phone camera can turn a great hunt into a lifelong memory.
    Many of you will recognize this photograph taken by our moderator, James14.
    This photograph incorporates not only great composition, but tells the entire story with the use of submissive subjects along with the primary subject. Also the fact that a fresh burn and a gobbler lounger are two of my favorite things doesn't hurt either!~

    Well done, James.
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    Very interesting thread, thanks everyone. I never thought about all of this much, I'm one of those guys I snap 2-3 pics then get on about my business...guess thats why most of my pics aren't anything special!!!! LOL
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    Nice tips! Thanks for sharing!

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    Most of my hunting or trapping photos consist of a few photos with cell phone of the critter alone. I have a Cannon PowerShot SX150IS, but don't carry it with me. To set up some good shots with me in the photo would require a trip to the truck for the camera and also would need a small tripod or similar to get the camera at the right height and angle. I definitely could improve on my photography and composition skills. Thanks for the info.


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    I'm a fan of the kill with weapon used.

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    I have that same rifle....with a leupold .223
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    Resinhead said:
    I'm a fan of the kill with weapon used.

    Agree. Tells more of the story! For most of us, a lot goes in to getting our rifle or bow ready for the hunt, so it has it's own memories to go along with the actual kill shot... 
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    Good advice! I will keep it in mind  the next hunt trip
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    What a beautiful thing this is and will be - both for the eyes and for the spirit!
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