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Jetty park seawall Port St joe

Read many reports and articles that this is a pretty good shore fishing site year round. Supposedly flounder, sheepshead, black sea bass, and mangrove snapper are almost always there and many other species depending on time of year. Have you ever fished this and your take on it. Trying to narrow down fishing spots for first week of April. Also like the jetties with pier at the boat ramp just east of sea walls. Thanks 


  • RedhunterRedhunter Posts: 435 Deckhand
    Many great places to shore fish around St. Joe Bay. I have seen many a species of fish pulled over the seawall. Some times it can be really good. The rocks at the boat ramp probably not so much. Water is very shallow and many boats coming and going as well and they like to catch their live bait in that area. Most areas around the Bay have a very shallow fall to deeper water. find a spot and wade out to waist deep and the ease parallel with the shore line casting all around.  You will be quite surprised what you can catch. Also the intercaostal is also a great place to fish.
  • cajun1971cajun1971 Posts: 17 Greenhorn
    Thanks redhunter. I would assume the water is fairly deep at the seawall. George tapper Bridge sounds popular area also. 
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