Ft Pierce Inshore Fishing

I was wondering if anyone is getting anything inshore near FT pierce, specifically near round island?  It has been real slow and I was wondering if maybe I need to change up.  I fish artificials mosting DOA paddle tails for Reds, Snook and Trout.  In the past I've done pretty well but since Sept it has been slow.   In the fall I tried some live mullet but nothing great.  I've talked to some other people and they are experiencing similar, everything is slow.  Interested to hear if others are seeing the same.


  • GarysmoGarysmo Posts: 420 Deckhand
    I went out again today and there was a green slime weed all over and the water was very dark, almost like coffee.  Is anyone else seeing the same?  It was like this back in Sept after the hurricane but there was no slime back then. 
  • Bi0ticBi0tic Posts: 25 Greenhorn
    Sounds like filamentous algae. 

    That area hasn't been good for several years imo. I'd try closer to the inlet, especially in the winter. Good luck!
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  • LurchyLurchy Posts: 371 Deckhand
    Fished there on saturday.  It was awful as is usual nowadays.  Some small trout but no grass.
    Did have a 38" snook eat a jack that I was reeling in.   Landed it by luck
  • P91473P91473 Posts: 52 Greenhorn
    Try fishing the docks around the inlet area. It’s has been very active the last few weeks for big Jacks, Snook Mangrove snapper and Sheepheads. Live shrimp is the key and double the action at night. Further north around Harbor Branch and Round Island has been hit or miss. Water looked good yesterday in both places.
  • SLW UroCaneSLW UroCane Port St. LuciePosts: 403 Deckhand
    I almost never go North anymore...
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  • theUtheU The Orlando SewerPosts: 36 Greenhorn
    The Orlando sewer dumps has ruined the fishing on the St Lucie and Indian Rivers. I fished just South of Round Island at least once a week since 9-1-17 and the fishing has been just terrible! The river is in very serious trouble and our elected leaders have failed to be stewards of the environment! I hope the river recovers but highly doubt that pollution will every be mitigated to the point that the river can recover. Just keep building high rise escrement factories along the Indian River. Did you every drive over the Indian River at Fort Pierce at look down at brown stew being pump out. 
  • skankin pickleskankin pickle Posts: 35 Greenhorn
    i'm actually going to be down in FP area next week. any tips on general areas to fish since i'm not hearing a lot of positive news? i have a kayak and my dad has a bay boat. last time i was down there (july last year) the water clarity was decent and so was mediocre. i fished all over the place from gifford point, hole in the wall, off the beach and down to the inlet. 

    rise and shine, it's fishing time!
  • theUtheU The Orlando SewerPosts: 36 Greenhorn
    Do not waste your time the river is a train wreck from the Lake O dumps and raw sewage discharge! There was just an algae bloom of green and brown slime recently.

    I would try Round Island on South Hutchinson Island or fish the beach at Walton Rocks, there are schools of serious sized jacks that hit the surf line at High Tide. Good Luck and welcome to the Orlando Sewer!
  • BarrellBarrell Posts: 1,028 Officer
    We have been catching Pompano on the flats near round island. Just anchor in 4 feet and put a chum bag over the side. They will come. We use sand fleas on top and bottom rigs.
  • KnotikoKnotiko Posts: 36 Greenhorn
    I have  heard of some trout being caught in the south river on hard plastics.  This time of year you cant go wrong with fishing shrimp for snapper and sheepshead around the pilings or most any structure.  Also, the snook should biting if you hit the bite and tide at the right time.
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