South of the St. Lucie Power Plant

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Walked this stretch south of the power plant (where the rocks show on the chart) just throwing an x-rap. Caught a few jacks which was cool because I was just wasting time and trying to clear my mind a little. More importantly, saw quite a few spinner sharks and a couple tarpon roll. That was encouraging. Looks like spring has sprung....?


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    I used to surf that area quite a bit, lots of spinners, seen some Bull's there too.  Lots of activity and if you have a boat there's some permit hanging out by the outfall of the powerplant.  About 10 or so years ago a couple surfers drove their SUV into the cooling canal trying to check the surf in an unauthorized area where the gate was left open.  I can't remember the exact details but remember the article in Florida sportsman talking about the insane amount of lobsters in the outtake pipes.  I surfed there during The perfect storm and the 10-12' waves were crashing over the big structure they had in the ocean helping to build or install the new outtake pipes.  Cool spot to fish and surf Thanks for the report.  
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    Thank you for that insight
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