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The BIGGEST Red Snapper I've Caught! 35 Inches & 30lbs+ (Video) Craziest Feeding Frenzy Ever!!

Video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_S4dkcCdlHE

Posting Again because last post got deleted accidentally and the link didn't work. Tight lines!

In this episode me and a member of the Saltoogan sqaud AKA Donnie head out with my dad into the Gulf of Mexico on a trek to find big AJ's and big Red snapper & Triggerfish. We ended up starting the day arriving to a public spot known as the "Russian Freighter" about 7 miles east of Pensacola Pass. The bite there was alright with us managing to get about 4 fish in total, unfortunately, all being to small. We weren't getting the big AJ's we were after so we decided to head out to our secret Snapper Hole that has been known to produce big Red Snappers. We started out through the fog, which was the worst i have ever seen it, and headed to the hole. From the moment we got there we saw the BIGGEST snapper school i have ever seen, as well with some Triggerfish mixed in as well, come to the surface. We tried free lining bait to the school and "WHAM." Fish after fish. I have never seen a feeding frenzy quite like this one in my 15+ years of fishing. It was an absolute blast. As we were fixing to leave and head back in i decided to drop down one more bait. Unfortunately for me, my GoPro, had died 5 minutes prior to the big hookup. I fought the Red Snapper of a lifetime for little under 10 minutes after almost being spooled 2 times in under 30 seconds. Around the 9 minute mark i stuck my foot down and brought in the biggest Red Snapper i have ever caught. This Mogan measured 35 Inches long and weighed approximately over 30lbs. I was happy to have had a chance to fight such a fish and was beyond happy to see her swim off after a long exhausting fight. I don't think ill be able to top that one for awhile but hopefully some day I will. Thank you all for watching! Tight lines!


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