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I'm considering putting SeaDek to cover the large cockpit and aft deck area on my boat. I just bought my boat, a used 1990 Luhrs, and every part of the boat is in excellent condition except for the cockpit which has a lot of scuff stains etc. I think I'd like to have the SeaDek back there to make that area of the boat look as nice as the rest of the boat and to make my cleanup and maintenance eaiser. I would like to have opinions of people who have had this installed on their boat. How does it hold up? Is it easy to clean? Generally, are you happy with it?


  • finbullyfinbully Posts: 634 Officer

    Not going to be as easy to clean as gel coat. I like it but not all over the deck. I have it where I manly stand. Personally I hear it lasts a few years but that will be dependent on where the boat is stored. On my small flats boat which is stored indoors I expect many more years for it to last.

    I'd rather paint with grit in the paint for a bost like yours maybe a pad the size of a door mat or so of SeaDek at the console.

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    Have you priced it? That may help you make up your mind.

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    Sea deck is hard to keep clean. Was thinking about it until I got a yeti w seadeck on it. It is really hard to keep clean, especially if pluff mud gets on it

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    Hard to clean for sure. Mine stays dirty looking most of the time. Overall I think is a bit over sold. If you get custom lettering etc. it wont hold up well over time and will start to delaminate unless its on a side wall that gets no traffic. I'm not replacing it and will choose an alternate product.

  • TheDude727TheDude727 Posts: 99 Greenhorn

    I think all I needed was one person to tell me that it was hard to clean and that would be enough for me not to get.

  • BarrellBarrell Posts: 1,174 Officer
    Just coat your deck with one of the many options out there. the eaiest would be gel coat and grit.
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    The only thing that is hard to remove is oil. Others like mud and weeds can be washed off easily.
  • SaltygatorvetSaltygatorvet TallahasseePosts: 3,423 Captain
    jordine said:
    The only thing that is hard to remove is oil. Others like mud and weeds can be washed off easily.
    What’s the trick? Mine seems to stain immediately.  It’s stained up as soon as someone steps on it with dirty shoes. 
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    Mine does show dirt but as for staining, I have not had any issues after more than a year.  I went with the "snow camo" over all the top surfaces on my AC1890.  I wash it with any of the boat deck cleaners that have "PTEF" (teflon, they are all made by the same company including walmart brand, Basspro, and Starbright - just different packaging).  That really helps.  I don't have any stains from chum, fish blood, mud, etc.  When I do get a really stubborn stain, a light bleach mix works well.  If you use acetone, be careful not to get it near any edges/seams as it will affect the 3M glue.  Before I got mine, I got some samples in different colors to test for washability and I decided the snow camo would show the least staining.
  • windblowswindblows Posts: 234 Deckhand
    Mine cleans up pretty well with a pressure washer. If I need to clean stains with a brush, so far, Simple Green has worked pretty well. 
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