Steinhatchee inshore

Fished Steinhatchee Saturday and Sunday. Saturday fished south from rocky creek to tater island. never fished that area and it was foggy all day which made learning the area impossible. vis was never more than 100 yds. felt like a jerk sometimes becasue i was run right on some one fishing. caught a few small trout and reds in a trouch and along the shoreline when the tide came in but nothing pic worthy.

Sunday - Weather was gorgeous, flat calm and sunny. ran north to a trough in the middle of a shallow flat. trout were stacked up in the trough and reds were scattered along the edges. Caught about 30-40 trout, 6 reds, and 9 flounder. ended up bringing 3 reds, 8 trout and 4 flounder in the cooler and headed back by noon. much better when i can see where i'm going.

the brave may not live forever, but the cowards never live at all!


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