Fly Fishing Guanacaste Costa Rica

Jared DJared D Fernandina Beach Posts: 393 Deckhand

I am taking the family to Costa Rica on Mar 1 for a vaca. I want to bring the 8 WT rod while I am there to see if I can nab anything.
I have tried looking for tips online but I keep getting rabbit trailed.

Anyone been?
I will probably do one day charter but the rest of the time, just casting from the beach and river banks.
I was going to bring 20 and 40 pound tippets, but have no idea what flies work best.

Thank you all. Not expecting much from the trip as far as fishing goes, but hoping to at least have a chance at something.


  • Randy RichterRandy Richter Posts: 10 Greenhorn

    So, not Guanacaste, but I did some diy fishing in the surf on the sw side. I just threw Clousers, and generic baitfish flies, the fish were keying on a pilchard like fish. I caught plenty of snappers and jacks, along with some small pompano, a few snook, and some giant, and I mean giant ladyfish that took me into the backing on a ten. The surf was really big, and challenging to fish, but there was a lot going on.

  • Jared DJared D Fernandina Beach Posts: 393 Deckhand

    This is great information. Thank you so much for the info.
    Silly question, but is there much tidal flux?

  • Randy RichterRandy Richter Posts: 10 Greenhorn
    Not a silly question, I just really don't remember.  
  • rumit4rumit4 USAPosts: 18 Greenhorn
    I am new to the gathering and I am thinking about whether any other individual here has any experience fly angling in Costa Rica.
  • RennieRaeRennieRae Posts: 700 Officer
    I have a little experience with it both fresh and salt water in CR. Do you have a question about a certain locale or species within CR?

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