Crystal River Trout

I see a lot of people targeting sheep head on the report, anyone having luck with targeting trout? My last time fishing (non scalloping at least) in Crystal River was when the power plant used to pump lots of warm water into the area and we would just fish just north of the main channel off there. Is that still a thing, or should I focus my efforts elsewhere? Last year I caught a few trout in the 10-12ft range after running offshore to get away from the scallop madness while cleaning them, but I'm guessing it's too cold still to be that deep this time of year.

Also, are there any mangroves (or sheephead?) hanging around all the spoil areas near the barge canal or are those all full of grunts?


  • capt louiecapt louie citrus countyPosts: 9,458 Moderator

    With the warm weather we are having trout are from the river mouth out to 12' or more ?? I believe the deep trout are ones that got stuck out and couldn't make it to the rivers ? Looks like they are trying to get to the flats. My guess , fish the warmest water you find.

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    Tried near the mouth of the river, in the scalloping grounds, out to 12ft, not one single nibble. Each spot I tried a gold spoon, as well as white, gold, glow, and tan plastics. Not sure what I did wrong :-/

  • capt louiecapt louie citrus countyPosts: 9,458 Moderator

    Happens during transition periods. Looks like the shallow water is holding most of the trout. This weather must have them confused..

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    It's also right after the new moon. It generally sucks for the first couple of days after the new and full moon. Except when it doesn't. ;)

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    Like said, fish seem to be moving earlier this year. That can cause hit and miss. When you hit, it will usually be good.

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  • Jim311Jim311 Posts: 4,853 Captain

    Probly weren't holding your mouth right. The fish were probably out there but just not biting.

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    @Doc Stressor said:
    . Except when it doesn't. ;)

    We did good Saturday at the Chazz tourney, didn't place with a 22 inch trout (3.2) I caught, gives you an idea that they are biting.

    Redfish were caught all afternoon but 25.5 being the biggest won't place. All out fish were caught shallow and talking to some in the tourney their results were about the same.

    There was a crap load of fish weighed in Saturday.


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    I went out of Yankeetown yesterday with my Son who was visiting from Jacksonville, It was slow to nadda everywhere we fished1 Nothing in the shallow water which is crazy with the water temp. topping out at 76 degrees in the afternoon. We did catch about ten trout, all keepers to 19" in deeper water to 10'. they seemed to be in places near drop offs near grass beds. I also was out on Thursday and it was about the same but did catch a 23" yella mouth in 8' near some rocks. I agree w/ Louie that we are in some kind of transition from winter to Spring here in Y-town anyway???
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