Crystal River Trout, Flounder, Redfish, and Sheepshead

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Finally got out fishing with Jake and Sara on the 7th. Plans were to look for sheeps but it was blowin pretty good in the morning. So we went to a creek to check it out first. The trout were stacked up pretty thick still even after the water temps going back up to mid 60s. Used 1/8th oz jims jig and a gold flake lil john all day. Would've been an easy two man limit if we wanted to keep alot. Then got 2 redfish, 1 was 22" and the other was like 15". Cool to catch 4 flounder in there again, that doesn't happen often. Around noon we went looking for sheepshead but found 50 baby grouper instead. Jake started playing around with the push button reel sara brought and got a Monster Sheepshead! Offshore bite seems pretty horrible right now. Snapper and Sheeps arent stacked up with 70 degree water temps.

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