"Sheepshead Report" Homosassa 2/15/2018

Winds were perfect, seas were flat. We decided to take Ruff One out on the bay to try our luck on those pesky sheeps. Sea fog acted up allittle in the morning, but it didn't take long to burn off. Headed out to the shallow Homosassa rocks. Finally found some around a big rock in 12ft. Bite came on fast and ended just as quick. We used shrimp and a knocker rig. Put 5 in the boat and that was it for the day. The bycatch was off the radar. We caught every fish in the gulf except cobia and mackerals. We even put 4 trout in the boat! Weird. Tide quit after a few hours and we were done. Water is not clear for a February day. Since the seas were flat, we even headed out to 20ft and were going to pull some plugs and play catch and release, but the weeds were bad!! Go figure, Weeds in Feb.? Water temps at 12ft were 67degrees and at 20 ft 64degrees. I think spring is already here! Well, took a pic with biggest sheep(my pic). Gail hated that. LOL.

Table of doom! Sheeps head are not fun to clean.




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