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mattlashingermattlashinger Palm beachPosts: 1 Greenhorn

18 years old South Florida. Looking for a mate job on a private or charter Sportfishing boat. Experienced live bait and trolling, and Bahamas. Available part time until May then available full time. Young hard working and willing to learn. Message me for more info



  • MarlinBohnerMarlinBohner The darkest depths of Brevard countyPosts: 70 Greenhorn

    Go to Key West walk charter boat row. As long as your not a drunk or a druggie and can show up every morning you'll have a job in a couple days.

    Everybody gets one

  • lemaymiamilemaymiami Posts: 2,906 Captain

    Worth doing that on any charterboat dock... Remember as well that you might be able to break in as a washdown boy (the guy who washes the boat when the charterman has had a good day (when we had a bad day it was me doing the washdown...). Not much money but definitely a way to break in and get known. Another item to remember is to get you name and number to every captain on each dock - and tell them to call you any time their mate no shows... Not much fun getting called out at 5 or 6Am but if you're willing there's always chartermen looking for mates at a moment's notice when their regular mate had a bad night or is sitting in a gray bar hotel somewhere.

    My mating days were long, long ago - but it was certainly a memorable time for a young guy fresh out of the service (and back from a very bad place in 1973...).

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  • Turner River TerrorTurner River Terror Posts: 5,369 Admiral

    Been down that road before myself...
    It's ALL in who you know. They don't advertise them jobs. You'll have to be a Dock Rat for awhile and be there Regular, Talk fishing , help clean fish , buy beer now and then.
    I just got lucky , knew a guy that knew a guy.
    Drift boats will teach you boat handling ,and Seamanship. You ain't jumping to a 80 foot Private boat for years but they do come with credit cards and a fancy free car to drive , strange women sleeping on board too...: )

    Killin and Grillin :grin
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