what is this? (berry/fruit/seed pod, maybe from a poopy)

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It's definitely from a poopy. Deer poopy, I believe. Found in Big Cypress. Greenish in color. What is it from? I'd like to look for the actual trees/bushes, but I don't recognize it.


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    Sounds like a Dingle

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    after scrolling around for about 10 minutes to see the picture, it looks like a deer **** to me.

    Yes, thanks, that's much better, looks like the whole tvrd to me? Looks about the right size.

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    Sorry about that. I fixed it. Yep, it's definitely from a deer poop. But what I'm trying to figure out what plant it is from.

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    Looks like a saw palmetto seed?

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    @Cyclist said:
    Looks like a saw palmetto seed?

    I agree; thank you so much for your help! (doesn't narrow my search a whole lot, but it's something)

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    It is virtually impossible to break down the plant fibers in deer droppings to determine what plant(s) the deer was browsing on. Dissecting stomach contents, yes, it can be done in this manner, but not after the browsed plant has passed through the intestines.

    Many years ago, in the neighborhood of about 40 or so I think, International Paper Company had a forest research station near Bainbridge, Georgia (Southlands Experiment Station) and one of the staff researchers, Dr. Charles Driver, made a study of paper(s) of competing companies by breaking down the individual wood fibers in the sampled papers hoping to give International the competitive edge in paper manufacturing. When this study was completed Dr. Driver turned his research attention on doing just what you are asking here. The results were that stomach contents could be broken down by fibers and individual plants identified, but once the stomach contents passed through the intestines it was impossible to do so.

    Remember, deer are plant browsers and not grass grazers like cattle so whatever woody plants are common in your area will probably be browsed. Some plants are more favored than others. Japanese Honeysuckle and our native Blackberry bushes are HIGHLY favored. If you have these on your lease or where you hunt, fertilize with a high rate of N-P-K and you'll pull in ten times the deer that a food plot will!

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    But that's clearly a seed/berry/round shaped thing from a plant, not plant material that has been digested and secreted in round-shaped form. In Big Cypress, there isn't a whole lot of variety as to what it could be. And given that there's hundreds of thousands of acres to cover, I'll take any hunch I can get.

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    Plant it! That's what I do with seeds in quail craws...

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    Do you still have it? ...I'm sorry, but if it is in fact deer **** that's hillarious! lol Try splitting/cutting it open and see if it's a seed. Looks like straight up poop to me.

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    Nah, I just took a picture and threw it away. It's definitely a seed/berry and not straight up poop, but it was contained in a poop, and the poop part washed away. So yes, it had some poop residue on it, but I'm not squeamish.

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    Taste! "Taste..?" Taste!! "Okay.. (takes a bite)" "Tastes like deer scat." Good.. Good thing we didn't step in it!

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    was it on public or private land? Was there also corn in there?

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    Public land, no corn (that I'm good at spotting). Why do you ask about the corn?

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    I heard from old timers that if you taste it, you can tell right away. Let us know what you uncover!

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    Are you sure it is deer, picture of whole poop pile might help too.

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    Taste tests were inconclusive.

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    Its a chocolate covered almond

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    Java Plum.
    Saw Palmetto is not Bearing right now . Java has a few small plums / CoCo Plum might have some too..I haven't looked in awhile.

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    I don't believe it was a fresh poopy.

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    its a rabbit **** who had constipation due to the elongated shape

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