Pecks Lake Run?????

Hello all. Might make the run up to Pecks for one last Mack attack. Does anyone know if they are still chewing? Got a friend and his 75 year old dad and want to put them on some action. If you've been up there in the last few or have a report it would be much appreciated. Thank you.


  • LurchyLurchy Posts: 367 Deckhand

    I was there on thursday and it was all you want as per usual. Mixed sizes. Major body of them were just inside the cut in the reef on either side. Plenty of boats to show you where

  • ASK KNOTASK KNOT Posts: 78 Greenhorn

    Thanks Lurchy. Went a couple weeks ago and got 47 in 2.5 hrs. Fun stuff.

  • webhunterwebhunter Posts: 239 Deckhand

    How far South from SLI is Pecks lake other then looking for the mass of Boats there I hear??

  • Tidal TownTidal Town Posts: 26 Greenhorn

    Pecks Lake is located on the ICW, south of the SLI inlet. The area where they catch the Spanish Macs is located on the ocean, south of the SLI inlet. Pecks Lake is used a reference to how far south of the inlet they fish for the macs. Find the fleet and you've found the area.

  • unhookedunhooked Posts: 206 Deckhand

    If we are going to get picky. It's not "Pecks Lake" it's "Peck Lake".

  • Tidal TownTidal Town Posts: 26 Greenhorn

    Good one unhooked. The "s" is used to reference sea side, lol

  • tainuitainui Posts: 27 Greenhorn

    What are you using for bait on the Macs?

  • ASK KNOTASK KNOT Posts: 78 Greenhorn

    Minnow jigs are the best but gotcha plugs (a lot of hooks though), glass minnow on long j hook with split shot works while chumming. Spoons.....just about anything when they are chewing.

  • ASK KNOTASK KNOT Posts: 78 Greenhorn

    We got 24 nice size in a few hours. All on for-mentioned baits. The fleet started almost at the inlet in the am and moved further south as the morning went on. Good visibility and too much fun.

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