Bass Reports on LAKE ISTOKPOGA?? - heading there this weekend

I'll be staying at the Trails End Resort in the SE Corner of the lake and reserved a boat for Saturday Feb 17. Any fishing reports for the lake lately. I'll be bringing plastic worms, buzz baits, topwater and a couple spinner baits. The lodge said around the Big Island is a good spot. Anyone know the area/lake? I'm coming from down south in Boynton area. Thanks


  • VikingViking Posts: 109 Deckhand

    I fished that lake a few years ago while running a camera boat for the Randy Jones Strike Zone show. The best bet then was using live shiners on heavy tackle under floats. The lake has a lot of vegetation and the bass are in it. We mostly focused on the east side of the lake. One area of interest is around the South 68 Spillway Canal on the Southeastern side of the lake. The lake is known for big bass and alligators. The biggest gator I ever saw was in this lake I am guessing around 13 to 14 feet carrying half a wild boar in its mouth. There is a guide out of Trails End by the name of Remo Beaver that the talent on the show used and he was excellent. Hope you have a great trip and I look forward to hearing about how you did.

  • Big Sky DaveBig Sky Dave Posts: 37 Greenhorn

    We live on Lake Istokpoga and have witnessed the terrible decline of bass fishing and duck hunting over the past 10 years, directly related to unrelenting aquatic vegetation spraying.  Once listed by Field and Stream among the top ten big bass lakes in the world,  it's now just a shadow of it's former greatness.  Once a mecca for tournaments it's now ignored.

    The head of FWC's aquatic vegetation program proudly sent me maps illustrating the "success "in hydrilla elimination over the past decade.

    Literally millions have been spent messing with the lake.


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