Ft. Pierce overnight boat ramp parking

I'm camping on one of the spoil islands next weekend and want to leave the truck and trailer at a ramp for a couple of nights. I used Stan Blum ramp last year with no issues. I stopped by today and at the entrance is a sign that says no overnight parking or camping. I'm guessing that would include leaving the truck and trailer? I've launched at North Causeway Island Park ramp before, can I leave the truck there for a couple of nights or is that a security risk?
Is there a more secure ramp public or private to use?


  • KnotikoKnotiko Posts: 36 Greenhorn

    I have left my truck and trailer at all of the local ramps. Torpy Road boat ramp (if you have a smallish boat) feels the safest, but Im not sure. We usually put in at north bridge causeway and the pick up campers and gear at torpy road. I have heard of issues at all location except for torpy so be sure to park your truck and trailer underneath of a light and in an open and visible location. Also, lock your tongue onto the hitch and lock the hitch pin as well. Good luck and have fun. We used to camp on the spoil islands every year religiously.

  • Fireman BillFireman Bill Posts: 547 Officer

    I think you can make arrangements to leave it at Round Island.

    Fireman Bill

  • RedRichRedRich Posts: 243 Deckhand

    Thanks for the info, Torpy road looks like what I was looking for. I wasn't sure if the sign at Stan Blum was new or if it was enforced. Round Island seems like the wild west. Web site sez no overnight parking.

  • KnotikoKnotiko Posts: 36 Greenhorn

    Also, you are supposed to pay to use the boat ramp and to park at torpy. I think its $1, but I cant remember.

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    Hey please bring a bucket and trash bags for a toilet. I cant even bring my grandkids out to the spoil islands anymore because of the **** and toilet paper people are leaving everywhere.

  • baccaracbaccarac Posts: 63 Greenhorn
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    Most of those people crapping all over the islands is our daily people just using it or people that are fishing get off on the island and take a dump. If you eliminate  these people then what the campers leave behind would be nominal. Of course anybody that enters the island should take their trash off the island.
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