Marathon daytime on the headboat

Hi all,

Have not been to the Marathon in five years. Last time we were able to get into excellent nite fishing on the SeaKing but it was summer time and it sounds like he will be doing daytrips this time of the year. We are heading down Feb 25th to March 3rd. We may rent a boat for a couple of days as well if conditions are right and one is available. What set up would you all suggest for the headboat? I am thinking Baitrunner reel on a lighter spinning rod rated about 15lbs with 20lb braid with a 3 foot leader of 20 fluoro but go down to 15 or even 10 if necessary. Does this sound about right?

I would like to be able to drop to the bottom with a heavier set up if possible for grouper or whatever might bite. I was thinking a conventional with 50lb braid, three foot of 80lb fluro and stick a pinfish or cutbait on there. I also plan on bringing some butterfly and other jigs with assist hooks.

Can I expect to find live shrimp at the local shops?

Thanks for any suggestions.



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