Ft. Pierce Inshore, 2/11/2018

Conditions weren't too bad first thing. Headed south looking for trips. Spent about an hour doing that, but nobody was home. Also, the water south of Ft. Pierce is disgusting. It looks like the Banana River up around Merritt Island (where I live...I fish Ft. Pierce to get away from the toilet bowl that is the north IRL). Headed back north and picked up a few sheepshead, muttons, and small goliaths around the turning basin. The wind picked up tremendously around 11 am. I headed north and found pretty green water for miles north of the north bridge, on the outgoing tide no less. I had a decent pick of sheepshead, mangroves, and assorted jacks and ladies for the next few hours. Probably caught 15-20 sheepshead and got rocked up by a bunch more (couldn't feel them with the howling wind, even fishing more or less vertically). When the incoming tide started, the nasty water from the south started pushing north up the ICW. As soon as the nasty water hit, the good fish would immediately quit and the catfish would start. I have no patience for that. Finally gave up and put it on the trailer about 4pm. Not a bad day considering the wind. Any thoughts on the issue with the water south of Ft. Pierce?


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    @Dustin said:

    Any thoughts on the issue with the water south of Ft. Pierce?

    With the relentless big winds we have been dealing with the surf is very stirred up and looks like pea soup. The majority of that water will pull south on our incoming tides. Several days of that in row and the results are what you saw on Saturday.

    Nice job salvaging the bite!

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    The discharges from the Orlando Sewer pipe has destroyed the river but at least Mickey has clean water ! The Indian River is on the verge of an ecological disaster.

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