LWI 2-11-18 snotty

Bro brought a friend with us today. Told him it might be snotty. We picked up some gogs from Target and headed out. Mouth of inlet was rather sporty. 32 had its decks washed. We stuck a couple lures out since we were only doing 4 knots. Even at that, the waves were big enough and close enough to keep deck clean. We went out to 200 with no hits and put live baits out. Bro/friend tried to get kite up. Not sure what they were doing but they had a splash down. Meanwhile, I put 3 baits out, free runner-weighted- on a float. After the 2 guys untangled their mess they were feeling queasy. Short while later free runner takes off. I let it go for a bit before tightening drag. Get hooked up and give rod to the friend. He reels it in and its a small shark.
Dehook it and put another bait out. 30 min later bro decided he and friend had had enough. The guys were the wimps. I brought in the baits and we headed in. Seas were mostly averaging 3s but a bunch of 5s +/- were mixed in. Glad to be in the 32 whaler instead of 23. There wasn't much current and even though there was a east wind, we didn't get blown in much.



  • CatalystCatalyst Posts: 201 Deckhand

    Definitely snotty. I went out in my 26’ Twin Vee and turned around just outside the inlet. We thought it would be a little nicer outside the inlet but it was just as bad out there. The waves were real close together.
    Beautiful day for a cruise on the boat.

  • JIMinPBJIMinPB Posts: 1,875 Captain

    @Tori'S Toy said:
    The guys were the wimps.


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