Started off heading south 2 planers,chuggers and ballyhoo out
trolled 10 miles to the south on the reef not a knockdown.Turn
to the east get to 800 and head north all the way past the ships
again nothing.Come in and troll around the ships and get 2 snake
kings 1 throw back.Was sloppy out there water was a terrible green
even offshore.Heard nothing on the radio.


  • andrewthe1andrewthe1 Posts: 608 Officer

    way to give it a rip, thanks for sharing

    we need more internet money
  • tank85tank85 Posts: 63 Greenhorn

    I heard some dolphin have been around. We got 10 all 10-15lbs in 950 last week. We tried with the kites early but was dead and even with helium we had a hard time fishing. Ran offshore to save the day and found some rope with the fish on it.

  • twelch2408twelch2408 Hollywood, FLPosts: 167 Deckhand

    Sometimes you don't need a plan. But you've got to try!

  • rivamunstasteverivamunstasteve Posts: 606 Officer

    At least you got out Neal. I’m sure it was a bit sloppy

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