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How's Lake Worh Pier?

landlubberlandlubber Posts: 315 Deckhand
I know my favorite pier was knocked down 5+ years ago and reopened like a year or two ago. Sadly it's been shortened again. How's fishing there these days? Are the snook and cudas still around?


  • Indian River JoelIndian River Joel Posts: 362 Officer
    hmmm... I see youre from Tally and I suppose youre talking about the Lake Worth Lagoon pier in Palm Beach area. If you're not talking about Palm beach, I'm sorry. I have done pretty well wading the no motor area of the lagoon. If you go to the North Palm beach area and take A1A just south of John MacArthur park, there is a wadeable grass flat that provides Snook and Reds. Parking is the only issue I have come accross to access it and you have to walk quite a ways, but it is well worth it. There is a cut in between an island and the mainland that cuts out that produces very well for redfish. I have caught snook just wading the open grass flat as well. It's quite a walk and quite a wade, but you will catch enough fish along the way to make it worth your while


    I pointed out in red where i get in and I put a brown arrow on the spot in between the mainland and the island

    edit: the picture came out smaller than i expected but you can pull up a bigger image in google maps
    "Indian River" Joel
  • Pier RatPier Rat Posts: 2 Greenhorn
    Yeah the pier is still what its been. been some nice fish there caught this summer. typical snook like always with cuda everywhere. tarpon are there also and actually seen a few dolphins caught off there this past summer also. and always having to deal with rude people in boats coming up 20 yards from the pier. right now not much has been going on worth reporting back on but yeah the pier is strong and kicking.
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